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Network Wide Rules


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Last updated: 21.08.2021

The following rules will be applied to the entire TerraCactus Minecraft Network, regardless of gamemode/server. They will be constantly updated so please check them out from time to time.

Rules for all players:

1. Do not use any cheats, hacks or exploits (this includes X-Ray, Hacked Clients, bug abuse).

1.1. If what you are doing is giving you an indirect advantage against other players (you gain more Credits/XP with a hacked client, using x-ray or abusing bugs), you will receive a 7 days BAN on the entire TerraCactus network.

1.2. If what you are doing is giving you a direct advantage against other players (you are killing/hurting/damaging the property of other players with a hacked client, using x-ray or abusing bugs), you will receive a 14 days BAN on the entire TerraCactus network.

1.3.  If what you are doing is hurting the performance, stability or security of the network you will receive a 30 days BAN on the entire TerraCactus network, with the possibility of a PERMANENT BAN if you continue with these practices.

2. Be polite, don't swear, don't discuss sexual topics on the Minecraft Network, don't harass other players or staff members. These actions will get you a 30 minutes server/gamemode mute and if you are repeating the same mistake, it could eventually lead to a network-wide temporary or even permanent mute.

2.1. Don't spam the server chat. Don't write the same message consecutively, don't use CAPSLOCK on the entire sentence, don't spam other users' Private Messages. This could get you a temporary or a permanent mute (only on one server or on all servers).

3. Don't promote other servers and games on the Minecraft Network. Don't post any IPs, server addresses, domain names, websites, links, etc in the server chat! These actions could get you temporary or permanent network-wide mute, judging by severity and intentions.

4. Try not to grief other players' structures, especially if they are newbies. If you do it though, we won't sanction you as all TerraCactus servers/gamemodes offer grief and PvP protection (except Anarchy). It's just nicer to play in a friendly environment.

5. The only accepted social app usernames in the server chat are from Discord, Skype or the TerraCactus forum. Also, please don't paste them into the main chat, just use /msg {player} {message} command as it works even if you two are in different servers/gamemodes. We wouldn't like other to spam friend invites to you.

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